WHO says China must share more COVID-19 information

Photo: The SCMP

The Zero-Covid policy in China has just been abandoned. Also, China eased its Covid restrictions with the lifting of quarantine to the travelers.

But, the current surge of coronavirus cases in China has sought attention across the globe and several countries like Japan, Italy, France, India and U.S. including some others have begun to screen the travelers from China.

At the same time China has stopped publishing Covid-19 real time data which pushed the global concern further as lack of transparency on specific and real time data mars actions for proper surveillance of the situation.

 “At an online meeting with officials from China’s National Health Commission and National Disease Control and Prevention Administration on Friday, it asked the Chinese officials to regularly share “specific and real-time data on the epidemiological situation”, including “more genetic sequencing data” and data on hospital admissions, deaths and vaccinations”, according to the SCMP.

The post further writes WHO has stressed the importance of monitoring and the timely publication of data to help China as well as the global community to formulate accurate risk assessments and to inform effective responses.