Nine persons infected with coronavirus in three days in Sudurpaschim

Sudurpaschim, Jan 13: Nine persons have been detected with coronavirus infection in Sudurpaschim in the last three days.

The coronavirus has been confirmed in the antigen test of those entering Nepal from India. According to the Directorate of Health, Dipayal, antigen tests were conducted on 464 people in three days.

As many as 1,444 people had entered Nepal via Gauriphanta, Gaddachauki, Julaghat and Pulghat checkpoints of the province in the last three days. Samples of eight covid-19 infected people were collected and sent to the centre through a regional laboratory for further testing.

Assistant Health Officer Ganesh Saud of the Health Desk at Gauriphanta border point suggested following the health safety standards as coronavirus cases are being detected again.

“Antigen testing at the border has shown an increase in coronavirus cases,” he said, adding, “The health desk has enough health workers, antigen kits, mask gloves and other materials required for sample testing.” He said that the infected people have been advised to stay in home isolation and go to the hospital in case of illness and are coordinating with the concerned municipality.