Harka Sampang succeeded in bringing Kokaha river water to Dharan

Harka Sampang, mayor of Dharan sub-metropolitan city has pelted yet another stone towards fulfilling his election promises.

With the continued voluntary effort from peoples under the command of Mayor Sampang, water from Kokaha river has been successfully brought to Dharan as a drive to water campaign against acute water shortage in Dharan.

Sampang along with many other residents in Dharan remained awakened throughout the night on Monday to complete adding the pipelined water from Kokaha river to Pakuwa river.

As they succeeded at 12:03 am, Mayor Sampang became emotional and thanked all who had volunteered to this drive.

Sampang’s drive is receiving wide applause across social media.

He has invited people to exchange happiness bathing with water from Kokaha scheduled at 11 am onwards at Pakuwa river adjacent to Soap Factory (Maya Dharane) construction site of Dharan.