Balen’s message to federal govt: work in favour of KTM or shift the capital elsewhere

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Balendra Shah ‘Balen’, Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has fired another salvo at the federal government over the continued standoff between the two on garbage disposal.

Using Facebook as his launch pad for another missile, Balen said, ‘if you cannot work in favour of Kathmandu, you are free to shift Singhadurbar in any other municipality.’

He said Kathmandu residents would not bother about where Singhadurbar or the capital is shifted, adding ‘what we need is our art, culture, heritage and civilization, and not politics’.

The confrontation between the local and federal government is at the center of public spectacle since last Saturday.

Especially after Mayor Shah’s declaration that the Metropolitan Council would not collect waste from Singhadubar, office of the executive head of the country and Sheetal Niwas, the office cum residence of the President, in retaliation to what he says noncooperation from the federal government.

There has been no impact on the federal government’s warning that Shah was not acting in a responsible manner.