Govt asks KMC Mayor to abide by provisions on garbage collection

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The government has asked Kathmandu Mayor Balendra Shah ‘Balen’ to handle his duties in a responsible manner.

The government instruction follows refusal of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) to remove garbage from Singha Durbar, PM Office and Shital Niwas, office cum residence of the President alleging noncooperation from the federal government.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers held at the Prime Minister Office took note of the growing confrontation between the government and the KMC and asked the KMC mayor to act lawfully and responsibly.

The cabinet held the view that the KMC and the Mayor were expected to carry out duties dictated by Law and Policies regarding the garbage collection, Communication Minister and government spokesperson Rekha Sharma said.

Mayor Shah has made a public announcement through his Facebook status Saturday that the Metropolitan would not collect waste from Singhadubar, office of the executive head of the country and Sheetal Niwas, the office of the President.