10 Yoga Asanas for Slim Body

Obesity is one of the major problems these days. Health and longevity are being threatened by the increased obesity worldwide. Cholesterol, diabetes, stress and insomnia are some of the problems resulting it.

In common, people suffering from obesity are those consuming oily and rich in carbohydrate foods and lacking yoga and exercises.

The following 10 Asanas help to maintain your health and weight but propriety and regularity are mandatory.

Sun salutation-12 round
Boat Pose – 1 minute
Plank pose – 1 minute
Triangle pose- 1 minute
Wheel pose – 1 minute
Camel pose – 1 minute
Bow pose – 1 minute
Mountain pose – 1 minute
Half Moon pose- 1 minute
Plough pose – 1 minute

Practicing such Yoga poses not only provides warmth to the body but also releases Endorphins hormone, also known as happy hormone which helps manage stress as well as maintain the body shape. The dynamic Yoga practice reduces calories more than that of gym and running. The lower the unwanted calories your body contains, the higher you are likely to lose weight. Yoga also induces the habit pattern for the healthy and balanced diet and exercises, the foundation for fitness.

(Note:  It is advisable to learn the methods with trained teacher before practice)