Youths working for bird conservation

Bharatpur, Dec 5: The youths here have been active for conserving birds. They are worried over the declining number of birds in the Dibyanagar area of Bharatpur Metropolis-26.

A conservationist who is associated with Chitwan Guide Association, Manish Limbu, informed that the number of birds was declining at Dibyanagar in recent time, so it is urgent to take measures for conservation. However, some endangered birds can be spotted here.

A hoarding board is placed at the ward for raising public awareness on protecting birds. People are informed about bird conservation and even a list of 36 types of birds is displayed.

“We find some new species of birds during winter here. It is our responsibility to provide them safe habitat,” he said.

The local level has also extended financial support for the conservation of birds.

Ward Chairman Gyan Prasad Khanal informed that the ward had allocated Rs 50,000 for bird conservation for this year, which would increase next year. He said, “Many birds are found migrating here from different countries. So, people are instructed to not kill these birds.”

Birds are important for tourism promotion, according to him.

Meanwhile, ornithologist Hathan Chaudhari also stressed on massive public awareness for bird conservation.

The farmers are urged to not use unnecessary pesticides.

According to Chaudhari, the migratory birds from Siberia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Tibet, among others, arrive here during winter.

Among 194 species of birds found in Nepal, 42 are considered endangered.