Yomari Punhi and Jyapu Diwas being observed (Pictures)

Kathmandu, December 26: One of the major festivals of the Newar Community, Yomari Punhi, is being celebrated today.

Yomari is one of the special sweet dishes generally made of rice flour dough filled with Chaku or Khuwa with supporting spices like sesame, cardamom, coconut pieces and the other. However, variation in taste, shape and size is available.

The day is also marked as the 20th National Jyapu Day. The people from the Newar Community assembled at Basantapur with traditional musical instruments donned on cultural attire to celebrate the day.

Photo: Barsha Shah/Sulav Shrestha


Extending his best wishes on the Jyapu Day, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that the contribution of the Jyapu community to the development of art, culture and civilization of the valley through fairs, festivals, cultural activities, arts and skills are significant and appreciable.