Worry over marigold flower wilting in field

File Photo

Jhapa, Nov 21: Farmers engaged with commercial farming of marigold flowers in the district have been worried after they did not get adequate market for their product.

The flower that is left after Tihar and Chhath festivals is getting wilted.

Dal Bahadur Adhikari from Birtamod municipality-9 had cultivated marigold flowers in more than one bighas of land. He was excited to do commercial farming of flowers after he made most of the product grown in 10 Katthas of land last year.

But, the expansion of investment failed to ensure good return. He shared the plight that the flower imported from India dominated the market on the eve of Tihar festival. “I had heard the marigold flower including garlands made of paper won’t be imported, but it was reverse,” Adhikari said, adding that huge import shadowed the locally produced flowers.

The cultivation of the species of marigold flower brought from Calcutta had good production, but lack of market caused huge loss to his business.

Adhikari had expected to sell the flower worth half million rupees, but he hardly made Rs 70,000. He had invested more than Rs 100 thousand. He further shared that the flower did not get market despite massive advertising from mobile van- with miking and display.

It is said the transaction of marigold flower worth Rs 10 million while colourful lights Rs 100 million during Tihar in the district. But, the illegal import of flower from India has ruined the local market. The local traders inform that a kg of flower was sold at Rs 25.