World AIDS Day being observed

Kathmandu, Dec1: The 36th World AIDS Day is being celebrated throughout the country today by organizing various awareness programmes.

The World AIDS Day is commemorated on December 1 each year. The theme of the World AIDS Day, 2023 is “Let Communities Lead”.

On the occasion, the National Center for AIDS and STD Control under the Ministry of Health and Population is organizing awareness raising message-related programmes.

Eighty-five million and 600 thousand people throughout the world are living with HIV/AIDS since 1981 when the first HIV infection case was found until the end of 2022.

Forty million and 400 thousand people have died due to the infection. Three thousand and six hundred people are infected with HIV each day in the world.

The National Center for AIDS and STD Control estimates that 30 thousand people in Nepal are infected by HIV by the end of 2022. In Nepal, one person is infected with HIV every day, it said.