Who will be China’s new envoy to the U S?

Kathmandu: Qin Gang, this month, left his job as China’s envoy to the United States as he was elevated to the position of Foreign Minister in Beijing.

Consequently, it has fueled speculations about his replacement as China’s ambassador to the United States, a challenging job, as the two countries compete and confront in global affairs, and for power.

According to the South China Morning Post, Xie Feng, currently, Foreign Affairs Vice Minister may be the likely successor to Qin Gang.

According to the SCMP, Gang shared his positive vibration that he was deeply impressed by hard-working, friendly and talented Americans. Meanwhile, he warned that it was up to the US whether the world descended into global conflict.

The  new ambassador  will be facing  increasing hostility and numerous flashpoints following the US-China relationship but will have limited opportunities for creative diplomacy given China’s increasingly centralized decision-making, it said.