Weather forecast bulletin to cover predictions for a week

Kathmandu, April 17: The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has prepared to issue a meteorological analysis covering weather predictions for a week.

Presently, its meteorological analysis bulletin covers weather forecasting for three days and its duration is to be extended to a week.

According to the Department, the bulletin covering the weather forecast for a week is expected to respond to possible cases of monsoon-induced disasters effectively and minimize them.

Similarly, it will be convenient for farmers for the cultivation and harvesting time.

Department Director General Dr Jagadishwor Karmacharya said the preparations are in progress to issue the weather forecasting bulletin for a week.

Regional cooperation will be sought in these efforts, he said. Expert on disaster management Dr Dharmaraj Upreti said the weather forecasting for a week will contribute to reducing cases of monsoon-induced disasters, preventing the possible loss of lives and property.