UN General Assembly demands immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Photo: @UN

Kathmandu, 13 Dec: The United Nations General Assembly on its emergency special session held Tuesday has voted for the ceasefire resolution in Gaza

 “UN General Assembly adopts resolution on the Middle East demanding a humanitarian ceasefire, the protection of civilians, the immediate, unconditional release of all hostages and humanitarian access” said the United Nations via its social site handle ‘X’.

As many as 153 nations voted for the regulation while 10 voted against and 23 were absent, it added.

The US, Israel, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Austria, the Czech Republic, Guatemala, Liberia, Micronesia and Nauru voted against the resolution according to CNN

“While a General Assembly vote is politically significant and seen as wielding moral weight, it is nonbinding, unlike a Security Council resolution. The US last week vetoed a ceasefire resolution in the smaller Security Council, which had been approved by a majority of the powerful 15-member body,” it added.