UML ministers may resign soon

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Kathmandu; K P Oli, Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist, and the biggest partner in the ruling coalition has asked ministers belonging to the Party to remain on ‘alert’ and wait for his instructions for the new move.

The alert instruction that implies ministers not to move out of the capital comes at a time where series of meetings between Oli and Nepali congress chief Sher Bahadur Deuba has fueled speculations that a new political equation comprising the two parties is in the offing, and that the government led by Prachanda with the support of UML may collapse any moment.

Certain indications that the UML will withdraw from the government any moment was visible in the morning itself when party’s ministers had chosen not to attend parliament. Oli’s instructions to the ministers to remain in alert is likely to be followed by certain official or formal instructions after his meetings with Prime Minister Dahal in Baluwatar was over. There are speculations that Oli may even ask his ministers to resign.

Deuba and Oli are said to have come to some understanding to amend electoral system and go for a review of the federal governance, mainly the provincial level,  Deuba is also under pressure within his own party by a section of the parliamentarians and leaders that the demand for restoring Nepal’s status of a Hindu country should also be considered.

‘We have time and again raised this issue and we hope this demand should get due weighatage’, Shankar Bhandary, a member of the Congress central committee and an MP said.