U.S. envoy calling Mustang a ‘kingdom’ sparks debate in social media

Dean R. Thompson. Photo: @USAmbNepal

Kathmandu, 10 Nov: It was a deliberate choice of words or a slip not yet clear but United States Ambassador to Nepal Dean R Thompson has come into controversy, at least in the social media, to begin with for his comment.

Ambassador Thompson, on Thursday, took to his social media ‘X’ handle to share his feelings of visit to Mustang last month.

“Last month, I had an incredible trip to the beautiful Himalayan kingdom of Mustang!”, he said, inviting instant response, in disagreement, and some asking him to clarify or correct it.

Several people posted their comments opposing as well as drawing attention of the ambassador upon calling Mustang the Kingdom.

Dhurba Hari Adhikari, a prominent journalist comments, “Excellency: you are requested to be sensitive about your comments made publicly. Or else, people may start saying: Columbus discovered America in 1492. American ambassador to Nepal discovered ‘Kingdom of Mustang in 2023!”

“Your Excellency kindly take notice that Mustang is unalienable part of Nepal and no part of it is autonomous or independent. Though i cannot refer California as an independent state as you refer as Mustang of Nepal,” reads the tweet by Chetnath Lamichhane.

Similarly, Uttam Bajrachrya writes, ‘Not kingdom sir When NHK japan made the TV serial they titled hidden Himalayan kingdom mustang, i remember nepal government requested to omit kingdom…’