Truce on 2nd day, 17 hostages released

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Kathmandu, 26 Nov: Hamas released seventeen abductees including 13 Israeli and 4 Thai nationals on Saturday-the second day of truce, according to international media.

With the second group, altogether 41 have been freed from over 200 hostages held by Hamas after its attack in Israel on October 7. 24 hostages were freed on Friday. However, the due list of releases does not include Bipin Joshi missing since October 7.

Thirty-nine Palestinian detainees and prisoners from Israeli Jail were released in exchange, said CNN adding ‘Hamas had delayed the second exchange over a dispute about the prisoners and aid for Gaza that was resolved through mediation.

Israel, with Qatar mediating negotiation, on 22 November had approved a hostage-release deal with Hamas having four-day pause at ongoing war. 50 hostages were set to be freed at the first phase as per the deal.

“The Israeli government says the truce could be extended if at least 10 Israelis are released daily – but it has also vowed to wipe out Hamas and insists the deal is only temporary,” according to the BBC.