The govt cautiously handling Charles Sobhraj release issue

Charles Sobhraj (Photo:

The government seems to be taking a cautious approach about immediately releasing serial killer Charles Sobhraj on the basis of the Supreme Court order Wednesday.

High-placed official sources told Desh Sanchar that the deportation document and procedure are being finalized alongside the preparations for his release from the central jail in Sundhara.

This is being done to ensure that Charles Sobhraj doesn’t involve in any mischief making after his release. The initial plan was the jail authority to release him at the immigration office in presence of his family members, his wife Nihita Biswas and his mother in law Sakuntala Thapa who is also one of his lawyers.

But the statement by one of his lawyers, Gopal Sibakoti that Charles Sobhraj planned to go for a series of litigations in Nepal has come over as an alarm bell for the government authorities.

“He is trying to prolong his stay on one or the other pretext that should not be allowed”, sources said.

The latest coordinated move on the part of the jail and immigration authorities as well as foreign ministry is to ensure that he leaves Nepal for France immediately after his documents are ready.

Jail authorities said that there is a security issue as well which cannot be compromised. “Charles Sobhraj has made many enemies in jail promising to have them released early, so he cannot be given security when he is outside the jail and, therefore, he should be deported immediately”, said the sources.

His lawyers including mother in law had approached jail authorities for his early release in the morning today.