The first day of Biska Jatra in pictures

Kathmandu, April 10: Biska Jata, one of the most valued cultural and historical festivals in Bhaktapur, has begun Monday.

Devotees have flocked at Taumadhi to pay homage to the deity Bhairav since the morning marking the commencement of the festival. After the worship to Bhairav concluded, the chariot procession begins.

Biska Jatra, also known as Bisket Jatra, is celebrated for eight nights and nine days. People take part in the Jatra with all exuberance believing that it welcomes the spring season. It begins with the chariot procession of Bhairabnath and Bhadrakali.

Below are the pictures of the Chariot procession on the first day of Biska Jatra at Taumadhi Square in Bhaktapur;

Tongue piercing ritual is also marked as one of the major attractions of the Jatra. It is said that Sujan Bag Shrestha from Bhakapur is set to pierce the tongue this time. Sujan, aged 27, is the son of Buddha Krishan Bag Shrestha who pierced his tongue nine times for this annual festival.

Tongue piercing ritual is observed on the second day of the Nepali New Year and it is the belief that the person to pierce the tongue during the Biska shall be a male with the Shrestha surname.