The complaint for abetment of suicide filed following Acharya’s self-immolation

Nanuka Adhikari, wife of Prem Prasad Acharya, has filed complaints against the persons and organizations named by Acharya in his social media post before committing self-immolation.

Acharya who set aflame himself in front of federal parliament Tuesday afternoon — he succumbed to injuries the day following—had named many individuals and business firms as responsible for his current financial status leading to self-immolation.

She has filed the case of abetment of suicide at Metropolitan Police Range Teku and Police Beat, Baneshwor, Kathmandu.

Acharya, through a long note in the social media, had expressed the pile of hardships and failures he had to go through before his act of setting himself on fire sprinkling the petrol over body.

In the same note he named persons and organizations who either betrayed him or delayed his payment hampering his business.

The complaint for abetment of suicide has filed against Min Bahadur Gurung, Bhat Bhatani Supermarket, Pawan Golyan, Golyan Group, among many others.