Teenagers flee from ‘Bal Sudhar Griha’ in Bhaktapur, 84 nabbed

Photo: Kamal Prasain

More than two hundred children and teenagers have run away from the Bal Sudhar Griha (juvenile detention center) in Bhaktapur.

Out of a total two hundred fifty-six inmates at the Center, about 200 have fled, said Khagendra Rijal, Chief District Office in Bhaktapur.

Among those, 84 have been nabbed from different places across Kathmandu valley, said the authority.

The incident happened while family members and relatives of an inmate who died at the center on Sunday gathered there and were protesting.

The inmates, authorities said, used the back door and windows of the building to run away.

Those who ran away were convicted in different crimes and were serving their term in the center.