Taiwan turns down China’s disaster assistance offer

Photo: AP

Kathmandu,03 April: Taiwan has rejected the aid offer by China in the aftermath of the earthquake leaving in its trail huge loss of life and property.

The Taiwan Affairs Office in Beijing has offered aid to Taiwan which was rebuffed by Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council,  SCMP reported.

“We noticed that the mainland’s Taiwan Affairs Office had expressed concern about the earthquake in waters off Hualien this morning. We greatly appreciate its concern, but there is no need for the mainland side to assist us in disaster relief,” reads the paper quoting Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council

The powerful earthquake of 7.3 magnitude in over two decades that struck Taiwan early morning today took at least 8 lives and scores over 800 injured while hundreds remain trapped.

The quake with its epicenter in Hualien City collapsed several buildings in the city and also caused landslides in mountainous regions.

The full details of the damage and destruction are still awaited as the rescue operation is underway.