‘Taiwan reunification is a must,’ Chinese Prez Xi

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Kathmandu, 26 Dec: Xi Jinping, President of China, has said “our motherland must be reunified, and it will surely be reunified”, according to South China Morning Post.

He said so on Tuesday addressing a ceremony held to mark 130th birth anniversary of the late Mao Zedong. Xi revered Mao’s political thoughts as a spiritual treasure that would guide their actions in the long term, it said.

“The complete reunification of our motherland is an overall trend, a righteous cause and the common aspiration of the people” said Xi warning to “firmly oppose anyone using any means to separate Taiwan from China”, reads SCMP.

“Xi’s tribute to Mao came as China faces intensifying competition with the United States and a sluggish economic recovery at home”, it said adding “The strategic rivalry between Beijing and Washington has been high on the party’s agenda in recent years, although the meeting in November between Xi and US President Joe Biden in San Francisco has injected some positive momentum into the relationship in the short run.”