Sudurpaschim University set to publish folktales collection

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The Sudurpaschim University’s effort to collect folktales of the Sudurpaschim Province and publish them is about to be accomplished.

Ammaraj Joshi, Vice Chancellor of Sudurpaschim University said that folktales collection is a step in a bid to protect language, culture and literature of the region. He further stated that the University will further commence research and study on various dimensions of regional culture and languages. It will be helpful to prosper Sudurpaschim.

The folktales collected from all the nine districts from grg’s province including Sauka, Bhote, Raute, Magar and Ranatharu communities are about to be published according to Dr. Harish Chandra Bhatta, Director at Language, Literature and Culture in the University.

He said that the collection of folktales would explain the way folk culture, religions and customs had been practiced in the region. The publication will be available in local dialect along with Nepali language, according to Bhatta.

Hem Babu Lekhak, the litterateur, said the university’s initiation to collect folktales ‘a commendable job’, adding “Lifestyle, costumes, festivals would be brought to light through the publication.”