Students protest in Biratnagar

In Biratnagar, students from the multi-faceted campus have demanded the release of Deepak Yadav, a member of the Student Union. On Sunday, the Student Union President Jashwant Poudel informed that Deepak Yadav was arrested in a government vehicle with the registration number 1 Jha 644, which belongs to the State Planning Commission. During a protest against corrupt activities in Rangeli Municipality, six students, including Yadav, were arrested by the police.

According to the Student Union President, they were involved in damaging six vehicles. The incident occurred in front of the campus gate, where the State Planning Commission’s Vice-Chair Dr. Rajendra Adhikari’s car was vandalized. Similarly, near the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) district office, five vehicles were also vandalized. This incident happened during a program conducted by the Nepal Electricity Authority. The damaged vehicles had the following registration numbers: BA 8180, Bagmati Province 01-00 Ny 2701, BA 1 Ny 2419, BA 001 Ny 2990, and BA 1 Ny 1887.

To control the situation, a large number of police personnel were deployed under the leadership of Deputy Superintendent of Police Ved Prakash Joshi from the Morang District Police Office and Deputy Superintendent of Police Buddha Shrestha from the Viratnagar Ward Police Office. According to Campus President Poudel, Rangeli Municipality had recently appointed teachers and imposed fees on private schools. Local students had protested against this action a few days ago, alleging misconduct. Following the arrests, students from Mahendranagar Campus and the local Yadav group from Rangeli-6 were detained by the police, accused of misbehavior towards the executive mayor, chief administrative officer, and deputy mayor of the municipality. Four police officers were injured during the incident. The police have arrested Yadav and five other students, including 23-year-old Deepak Yadav from Rangeli-6, 20-year-old Rahul Yadav, Rukum Yadav, 18-year-old Raman Kumar Rai from Rangeli-7, 19-year-old Vishesh Jha from Rangeli-8, and Milan Mishra from Rangeli-2.”