Stakeholders concern over declining students in Public schools

Manthali (Ramechhap), Feb 29: The physical structures of the public schools, ruined by the devastating ‘Gorkha Earthquake’ have been reconstructed well.

Though the school infrastructure has become attractive, the stakeholders have expressed concern over the declining number of students in the schools lately.

New buildings of a total of 87 secondary schools were constructed in Ramechhap following the earthquake. Stakeholders have expressed their pressing concerns over the declining number of students in these schools.

Chief of District Education and Coordination Unit, Ramechhap, Bharat Bahadur Bhattarai, said dwindling quality education, low population growth rate and political meddling in public schools are among the main reasons for the fall in the number of students in public schools.

It is informed that there were more than 400 schools in the district, but with the decline in the student number, it was reduced to 360 after the merger of public schools.

The number of schools may also reduce with further chances of merger due to lack of students.

Ex-teacher Gunja Bahadur Shrestha however echoed lack of quality teaching and disproportional development in the village for the decline in the number of students in public schools.

The model secondary schools in the district have largely failed to attract students due to ignorance in maintaining quality education, he noted.

With the country moving to the federal structure, quality education has come under question after the municipality-level education wing started monitoring and regulating the schools, it is commented.