Spurious liquor costs 40 lives in Bihar

Nitish Kumar-Chief Minister, Bihar (Photo: The Indian Express)

Kathmandu: Nearly 40 people lost their lives as they consumed spurious liquor in Bihar’s Saran district, according to reports in the Indian media.

The death due to consumption of alcohol incidentally is reported from a state which has liquor prohibition as state policy. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, while warning to the people not to consume alcohol, said,” if some one consume alcohol, they will die. The example is before us.”

The chief Minister, Times of India reported, has instructed the government to nab people manufacturing liquor and carrying out alcohol business clandestinely.

Bihar which enforced the prohibition policy in 2016 has a record of recurring death because of consumption of spurious liquor each year. Speaking to the media, Nitish said that while many people in the state had given up alcohol because of the ban, there were still some “troublemakers”. “I have told officials to identify the actual troublemakers and nab them,” he said.

Meanwhile, the liquor tragedy in Bihar was raised by the Opposition in the central  Parliament on Thursday. The Rajya Sabha was adjourned for 15 minutes after the Opposition raised the matter and created a ruckus in the House.