Senior army officers held for ‘mutiny’ conspiracy

Army HQ Kathmandu

In what is feared like an act of vendetta within the Nepal army, a few senior officers considered close to the previous chief, are being court-martialed.

Almost a month after Maj Gen, Prem shahi was taken into custody and court of inquiry set up, after he had already been handed over retirement letter, two other senior officers have been taken into custody and being tried for far more serious charges.

Military Police has arrested Col. Mahendra Jung Shah and  Lt. Col. Kuldeep Timilsina, both from the Legal department two days ago and are being tried for conspiring to commit mutiny, a senior official of the Nepal army confirmed, at the same time expressing fear that a ‘coterie’ around the current military leadership is into a ‘witch-hunt’ against some officials who were allegedly closer to the previous chief Purna Chandra Thapa.

Another Maj Gen Karki was denied proportion whereas two others are being arbitrarily posted with no responsibility, sources said. While Maj Gen shahi had served as Thapa’s  military secretary, Col Shahi and lT. col shahi were serving in the legal cell.