Rukum Paschim produces honey worth Rs 25 million

Rukum Paschim, Jan 5: The Rukum Paschim district has produced 21 metric tons of honey this year and the market value for the honey is some 25 million rupees.

The volume of honey produced this year is higher than the previous years and the farmers created some 25 million by selling honey, Chief of District Agriculture Development Office Min Bahadur KC said.

Mostly, Baphikot, Athbiskot, Sanibheri, Musikot and Triveni produce high-quality honey in the district.

The farmers are selling the honey at Rs 1,000 per kilogram in the market. The honey produced here is also exported to Kathmandu, Dang and Nepalgunj as well.

Office Chief KC shared that the district recorded good production of honey as the honeybee got sufficient pasturelands due to limited rainfall in the time of honey production.

The Office has been supporting the beekeepers through a bee block development programme and the need-based support is extended to the farmers for better output.

As many as 200 farmers in Rukum West have kept beehives for commercial purposes by keeping modern and wooden hives. Due to lucrative income from honey production, the locals here have switched to this business in the recent years.

However, gradual decrease in pastureland for bees, maximum use of pesticides and limited technical knowledge on beekeeping remain some of the big challenges in this sector.