RPP says U S Report biased, not-credible

Kathmandu, 21 May: The Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) has made it clear that it does not entertain any external interference or monetary support in pursuit of its political agenda including Monarchy and Hindu Rashtra.

In a letter to the U S ambassador in Kathmandu, RPP Chairman Rajendra Lingden also challenged the U.S. authorities to get the civil society leaders it has attributed to furnish proof to substantiate the allegation.

The letter is a rebuttal to the ‘Nepal 2022 International Religious Freedom report’ published by the United States Department of State that has alleged India’s BJP and other Hindu groups are financing and pressurizing politicians in Nepal, particularly the RPP, to support revision to a Hindu state. The report attributes to the Civil society leaders to support its inference.

Challenging the content of the report, Lingden said the ‘RPP does not entertain any kind of external interference and monetary support whatsoever,’ further implying that the U S authorities need to identify who the civil society leaders are.

He also lamented the report as reflecting ‘one-sided bias, and comes short in presenting a balanced, credible and trustworthy reality.’

The full text follows: