Ram Idol consecration- ‘not a moment of victory alone but of humility too’, Indian PM Modi  

Ram Idol, Photo (@DrShankarSharma)

Kathmandu, 22 Jan: The consecration of Ram Idol at Temple in Ayodha led by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took place in a scheduled auspicious hour today afternoon as the world watched.

The inauguration took place at the scheduled ‘moment’ that successes of over 73-year-old campaign to have a temple built in the place Lord Aran was Born.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Ram is not a ‘dispute’ but a solution, sending across a subtle message to all opposing it to close the chapter.

The event was, however, boycotted by the Shankaracharyas and non BJP political parties of the country.

Prime Minister Modi addressing invitees after the Prana Partistha said that the construction [Ram Temple] reverberates energy (Urja) not fire (Aaag), lord Ram is not a dispute rather a solution. Ram is eternal, it is not a moment of victory alone but of humility too, he said, adding Ram Temple is the temple of national consciousness.