Rahul Gandhi to appeal against verdict by Surat Court

Rahul Gandhi: File Photo

Rahul Gandhi, former chief of the Indian National Congress (INC) has appealed against two years’ imprisonment order issued by a Lower Court in a defamation case.

The Surat Court on March 23 had awarded two years jail sentence to Gandhi for his remarks during the 2019 election speech in Karnataka.

The case had been filed by two BJP state leaders- one of them a member of the state legislature and another a state minister.

The Lok Sabha Speaker had terminated his membership of the House a day after the court order.

Currently, Gandhi is on bail providing surety of IRS 15, 000 and has been provided a timeline of 30 days to appeal.

Gandhi has filed a plea in the Surat sessions court against the Magistrate order reads The Indian Express adding that the court is set to hear his plea Monday.