Quiet Booths, Crowded Polling Stations

Low enthusiasm of citizenry to cast the vote has been one among the prime characteristics noticed on Sunday for the election of the HoR and Provincial Assembly.

As the designated deadline of 5 PM was almost to an end, officials in some of the polling stations were found waiting the voters. In some of the booths, ‘Myadi’ (temporary) Police were asking the crowd around the polling stations to inform friends, relatives and family members if they have not casted vote as designated polling time was just approaching to the end.

The activities around 4 PM in some of the polling stations of Kathmandu -2 were interesting in the sense that the polling stations were crowded with many people while the voting booths were almost empty.

The officials handling the job to verify the voters name were waiting for the voters and mentioning that voters’ readiness to cast the vote found low comparing even to the latest election of local bodies held on 30th of Baishak, 2079 BS.

Below are some of the pictures resembling empty road, quite booths and crowded surrounding: