The will soon be completing five years in its journey towards professional journalism. We have made every attempt to present before our readers and audience the facts as they unfold; fairly, objectively and fearlessly. We are thankful to all our readers, audiences and those who have supported in many ways to keep us going.

This may not be an exact translation of our Nepali version, but the basic values of journalism that guide us will remain the same. in English will be an instrument to communicate directly to the world outside and large Nepali community living away but very much concerned about things going on here.  In brief, we will attempt to build and disseminate country perspective, but definitely not within a narrow regressive framework.

We chose the timing for its launch as we are on the eve of second General Elections which means more than simply dislodging a group out of power, and providing the seat of power to another. This election will also give clear indications as to how far the radical dream sold after the 2006 regime changed and the constitution that was launched nine years after that has worked, and how much the country has trudged along the track of democracy with all the values it represents.

Who is to blame for this deeper mess that the country is in today? Is it people to blame, or the conglomerate of Eight Political Parties that exercised monopoly power in ruling the country after 2006 without any accountability towards the Nepali people?

We may be ruthless, but still fair and objective in our presentation.

Rabin Kumar Dahal