Prez Poudel wishes spiritual awakening on Mahashivaratri festival

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Kathmandu, March 8: President Ramchandra Poudel has wished for a spiritual awakening among all Nepali people on the occasion of Mahashivaratri festival today.

Giving a message of best wishes to all Nepali sisters and brothers living in the country and abroad, President Poudel wished peace, prosperity and happiness to them.

“On this holy occasion, we should resolve to conserve and promote cultural and religious heritage,” the President said, adding “it is our responsibility to transfer the inheritance to future generation in the unique form.”

He pointed out the need of keeping Bagmati River clean and pristine as it is linked to civilization. “There is a religious belief that the observation of Shivaratri helps human to achieve yog and mokchya. Fasting, night vigil, puja and recitation of Shiva hymn are major events under the celebration of Shivaratri,” President Paudel reminded.

Lord Shiva is regarded as both creative and destructive force as per vedic perspective. The ancient legend behind Lord Shiva goes as- Shatyam, Shivam, Sundaram (Truth-Divinity-Beauty).

Pashupati area is the centre of spiritual thoughts for all devotees from across the globe.

The Manaskhanda, which is believed as a place of Lord Shiva’s provenance, and Himabatkhanda, where Shiva treads upon, and Pashupatkshetra, where Shiva resides, are located in Nepal.