Prez Poudel inaugurates consecration of ‘Muktinath Mahaghanta’ at Panchakot

President Ram Chandra Poudel has inaugurated the consecration of a giant bell weighing 5,555 kg at Panchakot here today.

The bell was set up at a religious shrine, Sarbasiddhadham. It is made at the cost of some Rs 20 million.

The undertaking was realized with the initiative of Swami Kamalanayanacharya, who envisioned the Panchakotdham and founded the Muktinath Peeth. It was set up to develop Panchakot of Baglung as a destination of religious tourism.

The bell is called ‘mahaghanta’- a colossus bell- and made up of five metals- gold, silver, copper, brass and iron, said spiritual guru, Kamalnayanacharya, adding that it took eight years for the completion of the bell.

Although the bell was brought to Panchakot two weeks back, it was consecrated today.

It is claimed that the tintinnabulation- the ringing of bell- is audible in most of the settlements of Balgung, Parbat, Myagdi and Mustang districts.

Meanwhile, President Poudel graced a mahayagya which had begun on Wednesday.

He also observed 108-feet tall kalas, an urn.

Then Prime Minister Sushil Koirala had attended the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of infrastructures of the religious site, Panchakot, eight years back.