President Poudel ‘wishes’ to bear expenses of his medical treatment in Delhi

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Kathmandu, 2 May: Widely criticised for his going to India for medical treatment overruling doctors’ advise here, President Ram Chandra Poudel has expressed his ‘wishes’ to bear the expenses himself.

A statement issued by Khila Karki, media coordinator in the President’s office said the President has expressed his wishes to bear the cost of treatment in Delhi, but given the precedents created by his predecessors, it is unlikely to happen.

Moreover, Poudel has only expressed his wishes, leaving the ultimate decision on the government.

Poudel’s family and the secretariat had insisted in going to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences for further treatment while the doctors attending him in the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital had advised against it, pleading that equally quality and effective treatment was available in the country.

Poudel had flown to Delhi with a team consisting of members of the  family and the secretariat besides physicians in a chartered aircraft and returned back to the country Sunday after a 11-day-long treatment in the AIIMS.

He was widely critisized by some politicians including Nepali congress leader and former Health Minister Gagan Thapa for undermining the quality health services available here and suggested that the expenses incurred on his treatment in India should not cost anything on the state exchequer and that it should be borne personally by President Poudel.

Rajendra Lingden, Chairman of the Rashtriya Prajatantra Party said it was very strange that the President went abroad for geriatric problems reversed or cured.