President Poudel visits Shaligram Museum in Baglung

Photo: RSS

Dhorpatan (Baglung), Dec 27: President Ramchandra Poudel has visited the Shaligram Museum at Kundule of Baglung municipality-4.

Expressing gratitude to the museum management for their efforts in collecting and preserving Shaligram- the ammonite stone worshiped as a symbol of Hindu god Vishnu and are considered holy- from the Kaligandaki River, President Poudel said he holds special connection with Baglung.

He shared that he had spent a significant period in Baglung, including time in Baglung jail during his involvement in the people’s movement of the 1990s.

He also underlined the need of preserving the significance of Kaligandaki, citing that, “Otherwise it may face the fate of Bagmati River.”

The President had arrived here this morning to inaugurate the Seventh Baglung Festival which was halted for four years due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The festival, to run until January 6, features over 129 stalls. Open women and men volleyball tournaments, an open duet song competition and a youth entrepreneur conference are the parts of the festival.