President Paudel’s Message on Republic Day

President Ram Chandra Paudel has extended best wishes to all Nepali brothers and sisters living in the country and abroad on the occasion of the 16th Republic Day today. He has wished for peace, prosperity and happiness on this occasion.

President Paudel paid tributes to those got martyrdom in course of the struggles made for establishment of democratic republic. He also highly appreciated the role played by political leadership, cadres and civil society for this cause.

“The democratic republic is based on pluralism where every citizen is equal and supremacy based on dynasty is changed radically by the people. It is major feature. It is the historic day that Nepal was declared federal democratic republic,” President Paudel reminded, adding that political behaiviour and character should be in line with the objective of the republic and if it is forgotten, it would be sheer disrespect to the long struggles and people’s sacrifice.

The President further recollected that three generations have spent lives in struggles and movements to ensure present rights to citizens. “The governance/system now must be as per people’s need and aspiration that elevates their lifestyle.”

In the message, the President underscored that need for transparency, accountability, good governance, people’s participation in development plans and practices, social justice, creation of jobs, smooth service delivery to make federal republic robust. For this to happen, honest and ideal political leadership is first requirement, according to him.

Also stressed by the President are mainstreaming of poor and backward communities with rights, control of exodus of youths, adequate attention to villages with facilities, respect to labour.

He further underlined that politics is not a business to reap benefit but merely social service.