President invites citizens to take part in voting enthusiastically       

President Bidhya Devi Bhandari, stating that the Right to Vote is the supreme exercise of the Civic rights, asked for enthusiastic participation to the entire citizenry at elections of the House of Representatives and Province Assemply being held tomorrow, November 20.

The Head of State mentioned periodic election as a way to bringing the people’s sovereignty into real practice that establish people as actual source of the State power. The President focusing on the historic significance of the general elections to institutionalize the federal democratic republic enshrined by the Nepal’s Constitution delivered by the people’s elected Constituent Assembly added that “the form of governance operated by the people’s representatives is the most beautiful aspect of the government”.

The election strengthens good governance and transparency aspired by the people in a democratic system and a strong and healthy democracy contribute to achieve national goals for peace, stability and prosperity.She further stated exercising mass election with people’s franchise in an impartial, free and peaceful atmosphere contributes to democratic system be consolidated and accountable to people.

She has also called on the Election Commission, security bodies, government employees and all the bodies concerned to contribute from their respective sides to make the election a grand success.