President Bidhya Devi Bhandari unveils the study report

Empowering school children against sexual abuse.

Kathmandu: President Bidhya Devi Bhandari has unveiled the report based on studies conducted by the Tejshree Initiative for Empowerment of School Adolescents for Prevention on Sexual Harassment. President Bhandari released the report during a special occasion organised at Shitalniwas on Tuesday. President Bhandari expressed hope that such studies and initiatives would enhance the courage and spirit among children, and they will be able to counter attempts of sexual abuse on them.

Dr. Rita Thapa and her husband Dr. Bhekh Bahadur Thapa who lost their son Bhaskar Thapa, an internationally acclaimed Engineer, and their daughter Tejsshree Thapa, a Human right champion in a gap of five years, have founded the Bhaskar Tejeshree foundation targeting youths and students on issues like avoiding the risk of heart attack or protecting themselves from attempts of sexual abuse.