Prachanda led govt. secures vote of confidence in a House of Disorder

Kathmndu, 20 May: The Left dominated coalition government led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ secured a vote of confidence- fourth – during the past 16 months, in the House of representatives that was dinned in chorus of protest by the opposition.

Speaker Dev Raj Ghimire who was in the chair declared at the end of the noisy session that out of 158 members, all but one supported the vote of confidence put forward by the Prime Minister.

Prem Suwal of the Nepal Mazdoor Kisan Party was one who abstained.

It took around 50 minutes for the Prime Minister to make his speech, with a complying speaker to put it in vote and bestow legitimacy to the government.

Members of the opposition parties led by the Nepali Congress were on their feet demanding that the issue of Cooperative scam was not yet over with the speech made by Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane yesterday and that the issue should be debated further.

The speaker, however, overruled them and allowed the Prime Minister to seek the vote of confidence as decided earlier. Prachanda warned the Nepali Congress, his partner in the coalition government until two months ago, that they would be having to pay a heavy price for disrupting the House.

Picture captured by Deshsanchar’s Barsha Shah include:

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