Police serving from tent as Jajarkot quake destroys 54 offices

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Jajarkot, Nov 23: The earthquake that occurred on last November 3 with its epicenter around Barekot rural municipality-1, Ramidanda of Jajarkot has caused damages to 54 police offices in Karnali province.

Karnali Police chief, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Bhim Prasad Dhakal informed that the earthquake had damaged police structures ranging from the district police office to temporary police posts.

With the damages caused to the police offices, the police are compelled to deliver their services from tents.

According to DIG Dhakal, the earthquake had damaged 33 police buildings in Jajarkot, 12 in Rukum West, three in Salyan, four in Jumla and two in Kalikot.

Four buildings of the District Police Office were dismantled in Jajarkot. Likewise, 12 area police posts, 10 police units, six temporary police posts and the district traffic police office were broken.

Similarly, Rukum West District Police Office, two area police posts, four police units and five temporary police posts were damaged.

The earthquake has broken three police posts in Salyan. As informed, the district police office, an area police office and two police posts were dismantled in Jumla.

The district police office and a police post were broken in Kalikot. The temporary police post at Rawalgaun in Bheri municipality-1 of Jajarkot saw cracks in its rented building. The police there are running day-to-day work from tents.

The district police office located in district headquarters, Khalanga, also has the same condition. The police personnel are relying on tents for their daily work and accommodation.

According to Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Santosh Roka, seven out of eight buildings were not in a condition to live in due to cracks. The district police office was set up in Jajarkot in 2034 BS. DSP Nawaraj Bhattarai said the wrought out structures of the police office were broken down in Rukum West. The Purtimkanda, Solawang and Simli police posts were completely damaged. The earthquake has caused partial damages to the structures of Sankha-based temporary police post, Syalakhadi police post, Peepal, Jhulneta and Area Police Office Chaurjahari.

The earthquake also cracked the residence of Chief District Officer of Jajarkot, Suresh Sunar. The old structures of the District Administration Office are not worth-living. DIG Dhakal further shared that only 25 percent of a total of 308 police units across the province have their own buildings. Around 75 percent of the buildings having police units and offices are at risk, he said.