PM Dahal’s few firsts in India

PM Dahal offering Pooja in Mahakaleshwar Temple

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachada’ has earned many firsts during his state visit to India this time.

On Friday he offered an elaborated Pooja in Mahakaleshwar temple in Indore, clad in Dhoti and Janai as ritualistically required. He also donated 51 thousand INR to the temple.

This is the first officially recorded worship by Pachanda in any temple so far.

Prachanda has a history of leading the violent Maoist movement with a strong anti-Hindu approach in which there were instances of Hindu temples destroyed and those in the mourning rituals killed or harassed.

Prachanda also earned another first as he chose to present himself in official functions in Delhi in Nepal’s traditional official dress-Darua Suruwal and Topi.

On Wednesday evening, Prachanda told former Indian ambassador Manjeev Sing Puri in a low voice but within the earshot of people nearby –  ‘I have finally listened to what you used to tell me in Nepal’.

Puri apparently used to tell Prachanda during his tenure in Nepal that he would look great in Daura Suruwal.