PM Dahal secures vote of confidence

Photo: Barsha Shah

Kathmandu, 13 March: The new coalition government led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal won the vote of confidence in the House of Representatives today.

The house adopted the motion with 157 voted in favour. Altogether 110 opposed the motion while one remained neutral, among 268 lawmakers present.

The Nepali Congress and Maoist government had come to an abrupt end on Monday after Maoist chief and Prime Minister Dahal ended the coalition agreement with NC and aligned with the CPN-UML, RSP and Janata Samajbadi party joining the government.

The Article 100 (2) of the Constitution states that if the political party which the Prime Minister represents is divided or a political party in coalition government withdraws its support, the Prime Minister shall table a motion in the House of Representatives for a vote of confidence within thirty days.

PM Dahal had sought a vote of confidence with regards to this provision.