Parliamentary committees need to be effective and result-oriented: Speaker Ghimire

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Kathmandu, Nov 28: Speaker Devraj Ghimire has said that the activities of the parliamentary committees need to be effective and result-oriented.

In a meeting with the chairpersons of the 10 thematic committees under the House of Representatives on Monday, he suggested that the quorum-related challenges seen in the committee meetings and the responsibilities concerning the bills received should be addressed in a timely manner.

Stating that it is necessary to get the attention of the relevant parties through the chief whip and whip to address the problem of lack of seriousness towards implementing the instructions, Speaker Ghimire expressed his commitment to support the implementation of the committee’s instructions and report.

The meeting held detailed discussion about the failure of the government to adhere to directives of the committees, where all the chairpersons were unanimous that the government should implement the directives of the parliamentary committees.

Chairpersons of Finance, International Relations and Tourism, Industry and Commerce and Labor and Consumer Interest, Law, Justice and Human Rights, Agricultural Cooperatives and Natural Resources, Women and Social Affairs, State affairs and Good Governance, Infrastructure Development, Education, Health and Information Technology and Public Accounts Committee under the House of Representatives were present in the meeting.