Parliamentary Committee expresses concerns over TU issues

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Kathmandu, Jan 5: The Delegated Management and Government Assurance Committee of the National Assembly has expressed its concerns over the delegated laws of the Tribhuvan University (TU).

During a committee meeting, members underlined the need of addressing operational and management issues within the university arising from rules and by-laws that violate the jurisdictions set by the Delegated Legislation Act.

The committee recently conducted a preliminary study on the TU Act, 2049 BS (1992), and various delegated legislations formed under this act were found outside its jurisdictions.

Committee President Maya Prasad Sharma said during

The study has found that five rules formulated under the Act, and certain by-laws, directives, and working procedures drafted under these rules were outside legal jurisdictions and contradicted the principles of delegated legislation management, said Committee President Maya Prasad Sharma.

President Sharma stressed the need for extensive discussions and efforts to bring about reforms in response to these issues affecting the university.

Committee member Yubraj Sharma insisted on the need of policy and institutional reforms to address the TU issues.

Committee members raised several concerns, including the need for increased investment in education, proper placement of human resources, updating laws to align with contemporary times, and an increased realization of duties and responsibilities on the part of TU officials.

Shyam Raj Ojha, the President of the TU Central Campus Free Students’ Union, who was summoned to the meeting, underscored the importance of changing the government’s perception towards the university. He called for depoliticizing the university.