Over 1.2 million orders were influenced by Daraz Live campaigns and streams in 2022

Live commerce, a combination of live streaming and sales, is one of the fastest-growing platforms for raising awareness for brands and sellers alike, as shown by the inaugural report on Daraz Live selling in South Asia.

The report bases at Daraz Live performance over twelve months across Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal with over 3000 brands and sellers together with interviews of over 2600 consumers across the four markets. It revealed that Daraz Live selling saw a 900 per cent increase in orders in the last six months of 2022.

Besides Daraz Live streaming, Daraz also launched the Daraz influencers model that allows brands to tap into a list of influencers who are trained to live stream professionally in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Professional live stream influencers also bring a level of authenticity and credibility to brands that are difficult to achieve through traditional advertising methods. 71 per cent of the orders generated directly from live streams happened during the live stream itself due to the influencer/presenter’s persuasive skills, time-sensitive discounts and deals, as well as real-time two-way interaction.