No-trust motion against PM Modi in Indian Par failed


The no-confidence motion moved by the opposition block jointly has failed but not without mauling the government led by Narendra Modi, Indian media.

Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) in the Indian parliament had moved the motion which was defeated by voice vote at the two day long acrimonious debate and response by Prime Minister Modi rejecting charges led by the opposition.

PM Modi, during his speech, criticized the opposition alliance terming it ‘arrogant’ while he mocked the no-trust motion “stating such a motion has always proved lucky for the government in the past”, according to The Print.

Replying to the motion, termed by the oppositions as the last resort to elicit a response from him over violent Manipur, Modi said the efforts underway in the state would bring back peace soon.

The northeast state Manipur has been burning under violence for over three months.

PM Modi’s long silence over troubled Manipur was broken less than a month ago after the video of two women purportedly being paraded naked in public by a group of men in Manipur has been viral in social media.