Nepal being Gautam Buddha’s birthplace a pride for Nepalis-President

Kathmandu, 5 May: President Ramchandra Paudel has said it is a matter of pride for all Nepali people to note that Nepal is a birthplace of Gautam Buddha – who is respected as the apostle of global peace.

In a message of best wishes delivered on the occasion of 2567th Buddha Jayanti today, President Paudel expressed his confidence that the message of non-violence and peace propounded by Gautam Buddha would inspire individual, family, society, country and world for all-round welfare and progress. “The inspiring teaching and guidance of peace apostle Buddha would help keep religious, social and cultural diversity and tolerance, and further strengthen national unity”, the President added.

Meanwhile, President Paudel expressed his hope that the Ubhauli festival would keep on cultural diversity of the country and also further strengthen people’s unity in the country.

In a message of best wishes on the occasion of ‘Ubhauli Festival 2080’, today, President Paudel said the festival may inspire further to consolidate national unity, harmony and cultural solidarity among the Nepali people belonging to all communities.