NCEF to organise National Coffee Conference and Exhibition

Kathmandu, 13 June: Nepal Coffee Entrepreneurs’ Federation (NCEF) is all set to conduct the National Coffee Conference and Exhibition, 2080 from 17 to 20 June.

The conference would be held in Kathmandu collaborating with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, and National Tea and Coffee Development Board, NCEF shared at a press conference on Monday.

The conference and exhibition aiming to promote both domestic and foreign markets of coffee produced in Nepal will have participation of coffee producers, promoters, entrepreneurs, implements producers and exporters.

The exhibition of the products would play a significant role to the development of this sector, NCEF stated in a press release. During the conference, national and international experts will hold interaction on national policy and laws for the promotion of coffee.

There will be competition in different fields of coffee and winners awarded. It is believed that the conference and exhibition would encourage coffee producers and entrepreneurs.